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Fringe Learn is an online learning management system created by Fringe Theatre Adventures to prepare, inform, and empower our community. We hope you find this opportunity to be enjoyable as well as educational!

Fringe Learn FAQs

Funded by a multi-phase Digital Strategy Fund grant from Canada Council, Fringe Learn is an interactive learning management platform to support our training and orientation efforts in preparation for Festival and also year-round. Our target learners include staff, artists, volunteers, techs, venue producers, essentially everyone involved in Festival. The course offerings will include some courses specific to Edmonton Fringe, but also training and professional development courses relevant circuit- and industry-wide. Online delivery allows our learners to access the training independently, in advance, from any location, with accessibility built in mind from the start. The platform is expandable, customizable, and exportable so other arts organizations can use the platform and/or individual courses.

Fringe Theatre has partnered with SACE (Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton) to author the first course: Creating a Consent Culture. SACE brought extensive subject matter and training expertise, and the Fringe team created an accompanying audio play to teach through storytelling. It is our goal to deliver this foundational consent training to every Festival participant. We know that our large number of stakeholders will take their newfound skills with them into their places of business, recreation, and worship, their schools and homes, with the potential to create no less than an industry-wide culture shift towards creating safer spaces.

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